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Two Tone or not Two Tone………

Two tones are proving increasingly popular for those wanting the personal touch

  When people picture campervans, they think of the  Iconic Two Tone VW T1 campervan. Over the past  couple of years we’ve seen an increasing number of customers wishing to replicate the vintage two tone look on their new campervan, and stamp some individuality on their pride and joy. We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to select from the widest pallete of automotive colours available. We can produce samples in advance and our tricoat technology results in the highest quality of finish. Our most recent customer has just taken delivery of her T6.1 Vivante in white and green and it has spent the weekend having compliments bestowed on it during its first trip out!  If you would like to hear more about the work that goes into our two tone process please make an appointment to come and have a coffee in our Covid friendly premises.  

John and Christine get away….to Lancashire!

Splendid Views of Morecambe Bay and the Lake District with the Lune Valley and Yorkshire behind us - The Golden Triangle.

After a hectic June, we decided to see what the new camping world looks like….and I’m happy to report it’s as good as ever!. We decided to forgo the haircut and were in place near Kirkby Lonsdale by Saturday lunchtime, ‘imagining’ the view of the Lakeland fells beyond the mist and cloud! Looks like people are taking a cautious approach to getting away as it’s not busy and the spacing of 10m between vehicles will foil the hardiest of viruses! Happy to report the sun’s come out and the fells are still there! Pete’s still back at base, so if you fancy seeing how you can get away this year, give him a call!


One thing we’ve learnt is that  kids are the most discerning of buyers!….these two, had a great time at the show trying our upper bed for size….Got the big thumbs up!

It’s not a bad life…..last week we delivered a camper to Helen in Inverness. Setting out at 7am, we breakfasted at Tebay, lunched in Pitlochry and finally arrived in Inverness at 3.30. After our renowned handover session, we finally said goodbye to a very excited Helen and boarded our flight home…and the hottest place in the country that day at 26C….Inverness. Superb scenery, great roads, excellent food, a happy customer… was worth the free delivery…the Bridgewater Difference!

Although 60% of our customers are couples, 32% of our 2019 customers are single women….with only 8% of sales from single men. And of the couples, 90% of the enquiries are from women…..thought we’d share this useless factoid!

Another factoid from John and Pete….in looking at our high proportion of women campervan owners, we noticed that 6 of them are doctors…not that we interrogate everybody….just most!


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