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We will shortly be releasing our new App. We’ve designed it to help existing customers get the most from their new camper, and potential customers in explaining the wide range of options available when buying a new camper. E-mail us with your mobile phone number if you’d like to receive it.
Releasing at the end of March, our App aims to be the ‘go to’ place for existing and potential customers. The majority of customers nowadays are searching for information of a mobile device ….phone or tablet. The App aims to get you quickly to the right place without having to trawl through pages on the internet.

So whether you want to check when your MOT is due, search for a campsite that customers have recommended, check out a video on winterising your camper……or searching for the latest campers available, this App is free to you.

We will be updating it regularly with more videos, and all of the updates will appear like magic on your device….no need to upgrade!

Forward your e-mail and mobile phone number and we’ll send you the app……you’ll receive a text from Bwatercamp with instructions.



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