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Coronavirus -what we’re doing?

Like many other businesses we have been  prioritising safety over profit in the current climate. Thanks to those of you that have contacted us during lockdown. The good news is …WE’RE OPEN AGAIN! The factory is building campers for us and we are able to source vehicles  from VW… we can still have a new conversion ready for you in around 6 weeks.

In recent weeks we’ve taken orders from customers who see a campervan as one way of maintaining social distancing with a big splash of freedom…..your own environment, not reliant on restaurants or cafes, away from large groups, in open spaces and fresh air, and with the flexibility to change location.  We’ve personally taken the plunge for our own holiday and booked a Eurotunnel ticket for July ( it’s lifted our spirits and is valid for 12 months!)

So please call us to arrange your safe visit and start your 2020 holiday adventure.


We are now open again, but with a few changes for all our safety…….

Our welcome.…. we’ll dispense with the usual handshake and double up on the smile!

Appointments and organisation…….we are adopting an appointment system to ensure that we minimise the number of customers on site at any one time….please ring or use the facebook tool in advance…you’ll get personal service too!

Camper Hygiene…….after each customer views our vehicles each vehicle will be sanitised and doors sealed ready for the next customer. Seats, will be covered and latex gloves provided for test drives.

Personal Hygiene……we have electronic hand gel dispenser which we ask all customers to use on arrival and departure.

Latex Gloves.…..we are using latex gloves and will ask customers to do the same….we’ll provide the gloves

Office Hygiene.….After each customer visit we are cleaning the hard surfaces with IPA and Dettox.

Office Layout…..Our office allows us to position seating to maintain the recommended 2m distance

Refreshments…..Our teas and coffees as always are served in environmentally friendly paper cups….but we will be asking you to handle them…..and they are of course optional!

Remote viewing….For those customers that prefer not to visit , we will be continuing to are offer our  ‘Video Meetings’….using Skype, Wattsapp, Facetime etc..

We always welcome ideas on how we might  improve on these measures. We believe they will offer the safest of retail environments available whilst maintaining a friendly and rewarding experience.


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