We are Campervan Mobility Specialists VAT Free for Wheelchair users

Because of the favourable rules on VAT, it is quite feasible to have a ‘wheelchair ready’ vehicle for the same price as a standard vehicle.
We can offer a Bespoke VW T5/T6 Camper fitted with wheelchair restraints, seatbelt and access ramps or
full hydraulic lift, if you , or someone you are purchasing the Camper for is a wheelchair user. The additional cost of this extra conversion varies depending on the lift arrangement but starts at around £3000. The good news is that that you will save, say on a camper of £36000, the 20% VAT, so the net result would be a camper for less than £30,000! All ongoing repairs & servicing is also VAT free.

Give us a call or come over to our attractive display ground and we can discuss the options…..whilst enjoying a cup of tea/coffee!

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