Which Roof?

We can offer either a Fixed High Roof or an Elevating Roof – The choice is yours and each offers own distinct advantages.
The HighTop Roof  offers permanent standing height for everyday use. There is additional storage space above the cab which comes in useful for storing bedding etc. For those who prefer the convenience of a roof that requires no erection having arrived at site, it offers an elegant solution.

The Elevating roof by way of its side lift also provides full height for the complete length of the vehicle, unlike the front and rear hinged roofs that you often see. It is often favoured by those intending to use their camper as an everyday vehicle where it must access car parks, ferries etc. It’s also more economical due to reduced wind resistance, and in some peoples view it offers a more sporty appearance.

Both roofs can be supplied with an additional 2 berths ideally suited to children and teenagers.

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