Why Us?

The Bridgewater Difference

Who are we?

We are John and Pete and with our wives, Christine and Louise, we jointly own and run Bridgewater Campers Ltd. We’ve spent  the last 35 years working together, and bringing up our families in South Manchester. With our own families we’ve enjoyed the world of camping, caravanning and campervans throughout UK and Europe. It’s given us years of fun and freedom.

Owning a campervan is often about fulfilling a lifetime’s dream……and can be a big investment.

Our aim is to give our customers the time, space and opportunity to ask all the questions you may have.

We encourage you to test drive and spend time in our campers, to ensure that you come to the right decision in your choice of camper and supplier….a supplier that you feel will give the right level of ongoing support well beyond the day you take delivery.

The partnership with Leisuredrive began 6 years ago when it was decided to deal solely with a high quality campervan builder, backed by the National Caravan Council (NCC); one which could demonstrate a history of campervan building….. not just a here today gone tomorrow converter. With 50 years experience Leisuredrive ticks all the boxes.

In May 2016 we relocated the business premises to where we now display our demonstrators and stock campers, in a relaxing, picturesque semi-rural environment, just a stone’s throw from the M60.

Whilst we have campers in stock, many of our customers enjoy the experience of sitting down with us to produce a bespoke design.

Whatever you are looking for, we look forward to meeting up with you over a tea or coffee in the near future…..it’s what makes this job fun for us!

John and Pete

We only recommend campers that we would buy ourselves  – and we think we are fairly normal campervaners

Take no risk

  • We would not buy a camper privately as it is too expensive a purchase to take any risk.
  • We would not buy a camper without an excellent warranty, both on the vehicle and on the conversion.
  • We would only buy one with an impeccable history and HPI clear i.e. Approved Used from VW.
  • We would not want a vehicle that’s had a hard life eg. from a non VW main dealer.


Peace of Mind

  • We would want excellent free breakdown cover – all of our campers have a VW Das Welt warranty with European roadside assistance.
  • We would only buy a camper with a very good ‘name’ e.g. Leisuredrive. – hard to re-sell without this.
  • We would only buy a camper with an insurance certificate for the conversion with the backing of NCC.
  • We would only buy from a supplier who has an interest in providing the highest level of ongoing support….with customers who can vouch for this.


A professional job

  • We would expect a camper to be fully equipped and not require lots of expenditure before we could enjoy it.
  • We would expect at least 2 sets of keys/remotes and all handbooks and tools.
  • We would expect our supplier to look after the re-classification of the vehicle with DVLA.
  • We would expect our supplier to carry out a comprehensive handover and training session to give us the confidence of our first expedition without any hitches.


If you are like us then give us a ring to find out more …… 0161 825 007 1

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