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February – it’s hotting up!

We're seeing customers getting in early this year
  Well.., even though 2020 was our busiest year ever, we’ve already doubled our January orders over 2020! Putting our winter stock in place proved a wise decision. We also have a number of new build campers still in the factory. We’re seeing customers, taking an early decision to either buy from stock, or to place a new build order now, in readiness for a summer delivery.

Most customers are saying that they don’t want to wait until Spring and then find that they can’t get hold of a camper before September.

We are offering some interesting options to delay payments and delivery during the lockdown, so if you are intending to have a camper for summer, why not give us a call. We’re proud of our COVID measures and record and we can still offer ‘The Bridgewater Difference’ experience, with the wonders of today’s technology. If you want a camper for summer, we’re ready to chat!

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